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All You Need To Know About Mothering Sunday

We all are aware of Mother’s Day. In fact, there are people who start the planning for Mother’s Day celebrations in advance to show the gratitude to their mothers and other maternal figures. It is not an overstatement if I say that a mother is the most important gift to the mankind from the Almighty. She actually defines the word- unconditional love and care. Naturally, you don’t need a day to tell your mother how much you love, but Mother’s Day is an occasion to tell your mother a thank you for everything she has done for you.

Happy Mothers Day

When Is Mother’s Day In 2018?

Though the date for Mother’s Day changes each year, in 2018, it falls on 11th March. It is important that you save the date as it is noticed that most of the people forget about the day without a gentle reminder. However, thanks to the technology, you will be notified by different social media networks about the day. Also, there are many online shopping stores that offer a wide range of shopping coupons and other deals for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day In Uk:

It is called Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday in the UK and it is celebrated in the UK since the 16th century. It is celebrated exactly three weeks before Easter Sunday and is considered as a Christian celebration. Across the globe, Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates every year. Earlier, it was celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent in the honour of the Saint John Climacus.

At the beginning of the 16th century, it was all about the services focused on Mary, the mother of Jesus. People used to visit their mother church to pray. It was called-a mothering. It was a day where all the family members were reunited to celebrate the day in the church. Children who are working away from home used to visit home to spend some time with their mothers.

In the 19th century, it was Constance Smith of Coddington, Nottinghamshire who started the mothering Sunday movement by getting inspired by the American activist Anna Jarvis who was trying to reinstate the day in the USA. She wrote a booklet about Mothering Sunday in 1920 and by 1938, Mothering Sunday was popular tradition across the UK. Corporations realised the commercial possibilities and it was promoted to celebrate. By 1950s, whole Britain was celebrating Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is actually US abbreviation of Mothering Sunday and is quite popular now across the globe.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Traditions:

When we talk about Mother’s Day in the UK, Simnel cakes come in our mind as people used to prepare Simnel cakes on this day to eat with their family. It was made with fruits and a layer of marzipan and decorated with 11 or 12 balls of marzipan, resembling Jesus and his 11 disciples. According to legends, the cake was named in the memories of Lambert Simnel.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

Across the globe, Mother’s Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm and love. In the UK, people buy unique gifts for their mothers and other maternal figures. It is a simple thanksgiving to mothers for showering all the love and care of the world. If you are too planning to greet your mother on this day, we have a list of exclusive gift ideas that you would surely love:

Buy Her a New Dress:

Women love dresses, irrespective of age. If you want to buy some latest party wear gown or dress, she would surely appreciate and love it. There are many online stores you can find on the internet offering incredible shopping vouchers and discount coupons exclusively for Mother’s Day from Marks & Spencer. You can always avail them and surprise her.

Take Her For a Dinner:

How about satisfying her appetite with some best cuisines? It always works. Book a dinner table online where her favorite cuisines are served and take her to a dinner. She would be enthralled unquestionably. Here too, you can get some best pizza hut discount deals online.

Jewellery Always Works:

There is nothing as alluring for women as jewellery. By gifting a uniquely designed necklace or a ring would surely be appreciated. Browse some online Jewellery stores and choose best-designed jewellery items for your mother and as it says- Jewellery always works.

Buy Her a Vacation:

Everyone needs a break from their daily hectic schedules and it includes mothers too. How about buying tickets for her favorite tourist destination? She would be obliged undoubtedly. You can even save some money by booking online from some travel sites like Travelodge, Premier inn & that offer great deals and discounts on hotels and flights.


Mother’s Day comes once in a year and it is a time to surprise your mother by doing something for her. For a whole life, she has devoted herself to taking care of you. Now, it is your turn to show gratitude towards her. Let her realize how much you adore her by gifting her something she loves.

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