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Where to Celebrate Thanksgiving 2017 in London?

There is no doubt in the fact that Thanksgiving day absolutely relates to American tradition. But, in the UK, people embraced this day with open arms for the last a few years. And, to enjoy the luscious feasts have been always common phenomena!!

Moreover, if you are in the UK to study or to work then you might not justify yourself for flying home to have only one dinner!! But, you really, really wish that you could do the same.

Okay, then in such a scenario, don’t worry!! There are enough places in the UK where you can celebrate Thanksgiving with the same amusement and excitement.

Want to know about those? Well, here’s the list! Just read ahead and hop into the place of your choice on that day and enjoy the day to the fullest.

CUT at 45 Park Lane, Mayfair :

Image Coutesy : Dorchester Collection

If you choose to dine at this fantastic place then you can be sure about tasting the sumptuous dinner cooked by the acclaimed chef Wolfgang Puck. The whole experience of dinner would let you taste the divine twists on various traditional classics which include Prime Beef Carpaccio with black truffle in the starters to grilled jumbo prawns with toasted chili oil for the mains. There will be even classic Roast Turkey with all the trimmings to spruce up your dinner.

Smith & Wollensky, Convent Garden Riverside :

Smith and Wollensky London
Image Coutesy : Sloan Magazine

Want an authentic Thanksgiving meal? Then, step into Smith & Wollensky on that special day to start the feast with roast squash and paprika soup or oak smoked salmon along with the meaty mains.

 Moreover, you can even relish the family-oriented sides for the whole table since the restaurant understands the fact that Thanksgiving is not only about the Turkey round offs but also equally about the sides. And, Smith & Wollensky will even never fail to surprise its guests with palatable desserts like pumpkin and pecan pie, Apple, and Blueberry cobbler and what not!

Rail House Cafe, Victoria :

Rail House Cafe, Victoria
Image Coutesy : The Nudge

To get you into the festive spirit Rail House Cafe is going to surprise you in the most traditional way. You would be able to start the feast with the conventional cocktail comprising of Calvados and cinnamon with bourbon soaked cranberries.

And, the main event will be taken off by roasted Norfolk Bronze Turkey cooked perfectly in refreshing herb butter which will be served in a family style for sharing. Moreover, it is true that a Thanksgiving dinner can’t complete without a cornucopia of side dishes. So, this fantastic place is going to offer that in the form of cornbread, sausage and sultana stuffing, maple-butter roasted potatoes and much more.

Cocotte, Notting Hill :

Cocotte, Notting Hill

Cocotte Chicken Rotisserie in Hotting Hill is going to eschew the traditional Turkey dinner with the special ‘Thankschicken’ menu which will consist of half of a chicken for two along with roasted Brussels sprouts and Parmesan. Also, the dinner is going to comprise of la carte menu which will be a combination of two sauces, two desserts and a couple of ‘Thanksgiving’ special cocktails. Price at just £ 50 for two people, this place is just perfect for celebrating Thanksgiving on the low budget.

Hunter 486, Arch London :

Hunter 486, Arch London

Hunter 486, Arch London restaurant is up for bringing a classic ambiance while you have your Thanksgiving dinner. If you choose to dine at this place then a chic atmosphere comprising of beautiful chandeliers, leather booths, and statement artwork along with the mouthwatering food is going to mesmerize you like never before. You can just pop over the salon de champagne bar while you enjoy your meal for sprucing up the whole episode with a festive glass of bubbles.

The Goring, Westminster

The Goring, Westminster
Image courtesy :

The Goring is going to let you delve into the best type of Thanksgiving environment with a six-course feast starting with a tasty dish of cauliflower cream with lovely lobsters, bacon, and chives. It will be followed by a crab salad accompanied by rye bread and smoked cream. Also, there would be cured organic salmon with refreshing green peppers served along with deep-fried oyster and oyster vinaigrette.

Missouri Angel, 14 Crosswall :

Missouri Angel, 14 Crosswall

The menu of Missouri Angel for the coming Thanksgiving occasion would definitely remind you of the most traditional version of that kind of special dinner. But, the unique part about the food in this place would be the goat cheese fritter floating on the roast parsnip soup.

And, well the price of a three-course menu was relatively cheap during 2015 and it is expected that it would remain the same this year even. So, if you want to celebrate this Thanksgiving in a delicious way but without spending huge then Missouri Angel is the right place for you.

So, don’t bear any such idea in your mind anymore that you need to fly to America to get the astounding essence of Thanksgiving. Just hop into these awesome places serving authentic Thanksgiving dishes and I am sure you would be celebrating the day this year in the most exhilarating way ever!

Nevertheless, A Very Happy Thanksgiving Day In Advance!!

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