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World Water Day 2018: How The World Is Raising Awareness

Water is life and it is not an overstatement. Can you imagine a life without water? Can we call it a life? Just imagine a day when you just wake up and you don’t have water in your home. Can you envisage such life? Being a responsible global citizen, you need to at least know and understand water-related issues to contribute later. How about some quick facts about water?

World Water Day 2018

Some Shocking Facts About Water

According to the United Nations website, 2.1 billion people don’t have any access to drinking water services. Furthermore, as per the estimate, by 2050, the global water demand could be 30% more than today. If we discuss water withdrawals, agriculture uses 70% of global water and industries around 20%. Interestingly, the percentage for drinking water is less than 1%.

As per the reports, 1.8 billion people drink water that comes in the unsafe category with no protection against contamination from human excretions. In addition to that, it is noticed that over 80% of the waste-water goes back to the environment without any scopes of reusing and treating.

If you find floods not an issue when it comes to human lives, let me put some facts. Across the globe, the humans at risk from floods are estimated to climb up to 1.6 billion in 2050. it is 20% of total world population. Furthermore, 65% of the total forested land is in a degraded state and 64-71% of earthy wetlands are wasted due to human interventions and activities. Also, soil erosion is increasing at a greater level and materials like nitrogen and phosphorous are damaging the soil and contributing to water pollution.

We hope these shocking facts have wakened you up from a dead sleep. Yes, water-issues are real and it asks for your attention like never before. 22nd March is a World Water Day to create awareness about water issues in the world. It is also called annual observance day and it is celebrated with a wide range of educational, theatrical and social cognizance events to let people understand and think the water challenges lying ahead of them.

World Water Day 2018

Nature Of Water:

Every year, UN Water comes up with a new theme that can relate to a unique idea and possibility. This year, the theme is- Nature For Water- to let people seek answers from nature. It is all about protecting our environment and looking for nature-based solutions to prevent certain natural calamities like floods, droughts and water pollution. In 2015, the theme was Water and Sustainable Development, and in 2016, Water and Jobs. In 2017, the theme was a bit direct- Why Waste Water?

A Worldwide Campaign For Nature:

United Nations has declared this year’s theme for the World Water Day- Nature For Water and it itself reveals many things. There will be a worldwide campaign would be launched to find nature-based solutions to the water crisis and issues.

Water Action Decade Establishment:

The decade 2018-2028 will be declared as the International Decade for Action: Water for Sustainable Development 2018-2028 by H.E. Mr. Miroslav Lajčák, the president of the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly. On 22nd March 2018, the announcement will be made and all the countries will be asked to participate and contribute to this holy cause. Cooperation, partnership and capacity development between different countries will be integrated and improved.

World Water Development Report Publication:

The 8th World Water Forum will be organized on 19 March in Brazil and the latest World Water Development Report (WWDR 2018) will be published there. The report will be a comprehensive one depicting possibilities of nature-based solutions to address pertaining water management crisis and challenges. The report will also throw some lights on water for agriculture, disaster risk diminution and water quality improvement.

25th Year Of World Water Day:

Before 25 years, the first World Water Day was celebrated asking people across the globe to look at this underrated global issue that needed our attention and action. The 25th year celebration will be held in Brazil at the 8th World Water Forum.

New York Photo Exhibition:

don’t forget to visit New York’s United Nations Secretariat building where Clean Water Here Foundation and 1X will be launching a photo exhibition where 12 photos, selected by the juries, will be exhibited.

Events And Celebrations Across The World:

The awareness for water conservation is increasing across the globe and you can see the enthusiasm and passion on the World Water Day every year. Around the world, different seminars, webinars, events, celebrations and protests are held and there are many government and non-government bodies take part in such events. It is really a heart-warming sight to see them working for a better and prosperous future.

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