• The Voucher Codes that are provided to you by Dealslands or its partners or affiliates will have the value, exclusions and limitations as notified at the time when you were provided the promo codes, and could only be valid for a limited period.
  • When you use an voucher code of Dealslands, it is subject to the Dealslands user agreement and privacy policy,as well as the terms and conditions of the suppliers.
  • The discount code is valid only for qualifying purchases made on the Site. A qualifying purchase means the purchase of the specified product or services in accordance with the conditions notified to you at the time you were provided with the discount code.
  • Voucher Codes may be used once per qualifying transaction and is applied to the transaction as a whole, not per customer. The voucher code can only be used during the promotion period. If a discount code is no longer valid upon entry, you will be notified.
  • You may not redeem or exchange the voucher code or applicable discount for cash. You may not use or combine the promo code with any other promotions or promotional codes.
  • If you are not using any amounts available in the voucher code, you will forfeit such amounts.
  • If the purchase you have made exceeds the amount on the discount code, you will have to pay for the balance.
  • Dealslands prohibits the posting of the voucher code on the internet or any public forum, or the forwarding or giving of the voucher code to any other person.
  • Dealslands reserves the right to change the discount code and these Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion and to modify, suspend or cancel any discount code/voucher code or related promotion at any time.
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